We knew involved to denounce the international politics, especially about the israeli-palestinian conflict. But Roger Waters, former member of the band Pink Floyd, came down from his podium to take action. According to the family lawyer, Clive Stafford-Smith, the authorities kurds have handed over the two boys to their mother, in the city of Qamichli in Syria. And Roger Waters has contributed to this.

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These children trinidadiens , between the ages of 7 and 11 years, Ayub and Mahmud Ferreira had been kidnapped and brought to Syria by their father in 2014. Three years later, the father would have been killed. Found by the democratic forces in syria, the two children were taken to a refugee camp in Raqa.

It was then that Roger Waters has persuaded the government of trinidad and tobago to issue visas for the boys, natives of the Caribbean. He personally paid some of the documents. Referring to the procedures complex and expensive, the family lawyer has claimed that the founding member of Pink Floyd has come to the mother by plane from Trinidad.

“We all flew to Irbil, in northern Iraq, where we met with the minister of external Relations and the governor of the State. Finally, the rescue team crossed the border with all permissions,” said the bassist. Before adding: “The boys were in good health and looked well fed. They were surprised but happy to see their mother. Ayub, the youngest, wanted to shake his mother in his arms, it was the Christmas gift he wanted,” relates Roger Waters at the BBC.

A vow, therefore, as evidenced by the veteran of rock, which has said it wants to multiply the actions of this type and come to the aid of families separated.