The expert advised not to rush to contract the coronavirus

the later people have been ill with the coronavirus, the more chances he has to get effective treatment and to move the disease in a mild form, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to Professor George Mason University (USA), doctor of biological Sciences Anu Baranov.

According to Baranova, at the beginning of the epidemic, experts have little knowledge about the virus and lack of understanding of how to treat the disease. She cited the example of the information that the coronavirus causes the formation of blood clots. A month ago, this knowledge was not, and patients did not receive antithrombus therapy, the expert said.

She also added that over time, the virus “in a sense, is diluted and weak”, increase the chances to transfer it asymptomatic. “If I had to choose now to catch the virus or within six months, better six months,” podcherknula Baranov.

Professor recommended to follow in order not to increase the risk of meeting with a virus even after the lifting of restrictions: less likely to go to stores, choose a walk in the Park, and not going to places with large crowds or wait for the vaccine, which should be available “soon”.

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