The expert asked not to rely on the opposition after the

non-systemic opposition is not able to consolidate amid the nullification of presidential terms of Vladimir Putin, said the candidate of economic Sciences, scientific Director of the Center for modernization studies at the European University in St. Petersburg Dmitry Travin.

As he told the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, there are no facts supporting the probability of change in the opposition movement.

“I Think that the transformation of the political regime will occur in other ways and, most likely, not soon. The most likely — after the death of the leader, as it was in the Soviet Union. When Gorbachev came, and it was a new generation, no one expected the restructuring. It turned out that he had in mind were completely different views,” said Travin.

the Expert did not rule out the collapse of the regime and Vladimir Putin, but predicting these things is impossible, said the source.

we will Remind, according to preliminary data, 77,92% of Russians advocated for amendments to the Basic law. The new Constitution will allow the current President to run for another two terms until 2036.

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