The expert called absurd the continued ban on access to the parks of St. Petersburg

of St. Petersburg is to teach safety measures during a pandemic, not to act with prohibitions, including access to parks, the expert of Institute of design and urbanism of the University ITMO Steve Caddis.

As he told the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, is puzzling selectivity in the choice of limitations for certain green areas.

“There are parks that are not included in the list, there are no fences, and walk legal. Than they are more secure than others that are banned?” wonders the source.

In his opinion, the preservation of the limitations associated with “misunderstanding the situation” officials Smolny and “partly folding of responsibility”.

“Apparently, they think that people preserialize for walks in the parks, and not because the subway all go without masks or in shopping queues without respect for social distance. Of course, we all understand that it is a little absurd. These places are much more dangerous than parks,” said Caddis.

He said that is for the opening of any open spaces in the city that also welcomes the world health organization.

“So that people do not pereskazal each other, we need to focus on prevention. Danger do not visit the Park. It is dangerous to sit on the bench next to another person who may be ill. About this and need to tell the townspeople. The ban on picnics in the Park more productive ban on access to green zones”, said the expert.

According to his observations, Petersburgers have started to visit the green zone, for example, Primorsky Victory Park on Krestovsky island and the Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. Users in social networks regularly publish photos from there.

Earlier, the Vice-Governor Yevgeny Yelin suggested that in St. Petersburg can access the Palace and some other parks, subject to the epidemiological Ogreanichini. The official said that a specific date — June 29.

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