The expert called unlocking Telegram manifestation of legal nihilism of the authorities

Director General of the research Institute Internet Karen Ghazaryan questioned in the legal form of unlocking Telegram messenger and explained why this was to be expected.

“Because we have not yet appeared no other statements, then my first assessment is this: it is legal nihilism. The court’s decision still in force, the Prosecutor’s decision on blocking additional subnets, mirrors are also in force. The rule of law continue to operate, but for some reason decided to unlock. As a minimum, all you need to do under the law”, — told the correspondent of “Rosbalt” expert.

According to him, on assignment Roskomnadzor has affected the popularity of the messenger in government, including as a tool to illuminate the situation with coronavirus in Russia.

“Because it’s weird when the Executive authorities are actively using the messenger as for the dissemination of information and for coordination, but he is blocked in Russia. It’s a bit Kafkaesque situation”, — said Ghazaryan.

He added that initially in a situation with a Telegram, all the experts confirmed that to limit the access to it is almost impossible, unless you disable a large part of the Internet. But the decision to fight the messenger then influenced by “conceit and arrogance” of officials, said the source.

“I am pleased that the new leadership of Roskomnadzor does not hold for the mistakes of the old,” concluded Ghazarian.

On the lifting of restrictions on access to Telegram announced June 18. As reported, Roskomnadzor, the Agency welcomes the willingness of the Creator of the messenger to counteract terrorism and extremism. The decision was made in consultation with the attorney General’s office.

Recall, the app was blocked in the spring of 2018. The FSB accused the Telegram in refusing to provide the keys to decrypt user messages.

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