The expert explained how the quality of clinical trials of a vaccine against COVID-19 falls against the backdrop of excessive demand

the hype surrounding the vaccine COVID-19 led to the fact that it is now in clinical trials all possible. Such an opinion during the online seminar, European University in Saint-Petersburg expressed Svetlana Zavidova, Executive Director of the Association of clinical research.

“the Field of clinical trials is tightly regulated in the world and in Russia. An important participant in the evaluation phase of future research is state government agencies decide whether a medical experiment involving people or not. That is, the state acts as a limiting barrier. Now all the barriers are crumbling, and the main violations come from the Pro-governmental structures or their affiliated companies,” said City.

the Expert mentioned that in the media there were reports that scientists at the Institute Gamalei in Moscow tested the vaccine on himself, then it became known that the subjects began to use the military.

“In the Declaration of Helsinki developed by world medical Association, the involvement of the military is acceptable, but only if the vaccine cannot be used on other patients and proved that it will benefit them. The fact that the military is a very vulnerable group of the population. However, we see that the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation has personally reports to the President almost every day about how I feel the subjects, and the Minister of health is engaged in advertising, declaring that he had permitted to conduct clinical studies…” — surprised the City.

the expert notes that the situation is understandable, because society expects from scientists that they find a cure for the virus and testing it “quickly”. However, in this case about the quality of the vaccine and guarantees her security question, I’m sure Svetlana Zavidova.

“Another negative factor: the financial interest of developers of drugs that are joined in the race and nadeuda quickly sell the new vaccine to the community. In General, we have seen one: in the once tightly regulated sector, which is the shadow of its fears, now everything is possible”, — summed up the expert.

Recall at the moment are in development 133 vaccines against coronavirus, of which 10 are already allowed to test on humans. Read more about what problems arise among the scientists and test subjects in connection with the development of new vaccines, read the “Rosbalt” in the near future.

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