The expert explained how to change the attitude towards people with disabilities during a pandemic

the Government should delegate its duties to care for the disabled non-profit organizations and support them financially. The opinion in the framework of the online marathon of “Rosbalt” in support of small and average business “to Save the business: mission (im)possible?” stated Director of external relations partnerships charity organizations “Perspective” Svetlana Mamonova.

“During a pandemic, the state’s attitude towards the disabled has changed. So, if nonprofits are rarely trusted to pick them up from boarding, during these three months we managed to take 26 people. If earlier it was believed that people with mental disorders needs to be behind closed walls, it has become clear that this is not so. Once they have gained weight, revived, show the dynamics of development. I think in this respect, the pandemic will give us a chance to reform state policy in this area,” says Mamonova.

She noted that in all successful countries governments readily passes some of their authority NGOs, delegates responsibilities, and creates equal conditions of financing of state institutions, which care about the disabled, and non-profit organizations.

“We would like to leave these 26 people, but cannot guarantee that we will continue funding. We this time had to explain to sponsors why refused, for example, a day hospital for people with disabilities, some more activities — it all became impossible in connection with threat of distribution the infection. Need to de-monopolize those markets and to enable NGOs to receive subsidies from the state that the money “went” for a disabled person in any institution,” — said Svetlana Mamonova.

Deputy Irina Ivanova, one of the leading “Marathon” to “Rosbalt”, agreed with the proposal Mamonova and stressed that in St. Petersburg there is no system obuchinclude people with impaired mentality, and they have no opportunity to get a job.

Recall, on the eve news Agency “Rosbalt” together with the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg and a member of the Presidium of the all-Russia women’s Council “Hope of Russia” by Irina Ivanova spent the next marathon in support of small and average business “to Save the business: mission (im)possible?”. The third meeting was devoted to the problems of social entrepreneurship.

how, without subsidies from city to survive private schools in St. Petersburg, see the article “Rosbalt”.

“Rosbalt” presents the project “All inclusive!”, designed to show that disability is a problem that concerns each of us. And moral state of society is determined by how it relates to people with developmental disabilities.

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