The expert explained why to prove infection with hepatitis b nail salon is almost impossible

In St. Petersburg annually about 7 thousand cases of disease by a hepatitis — acute and chronic. The chief of Department of epidemiological supervision of St. Petersburg Rospotrebnadzor Irina Chenjerai said “Doctor Peter”, where you can become infected with acute viral hepatitis b and C.

These diseases are transmitted by parenteral, that is, through the blood, and to catch them very easily. “For example, during the execution of a manicure/pedicure, applying tattoos in salons,” he added.

However, according to her, in St. Petersburg in recent years has not been a single proven case of infection in beauty salons, as to prove the relationship of infection with the provision of such services is almost impossible.

“every year in the city there are isolated cases of infection, when people point out that using the services of nail salons, tattoo. But 100% proven cases in recent years, no. Why? Because the incubation period of hepatitis a long — from the moment of infection before occurrence of first clinical symptoms may take up to 6 months. And it is very difficult to prove that it was six months ago. In a medical organization in case of any suspected infection is easy to raise all medical records to see which patients are carriers of the infection can be treated. Of course, in the provision of services in beauty salons to trace it is very difficult,” — said Chenjerai.

the Expert also said that customers should be very careful when choosing a salon.

“we Need to watch carefully what tools work, to nail accessories and instruments for tattooing were sterile, and opening packages was carried out in the presence of the customer,” she said.

in addition, the Department reported that in late August-September is usually a growing incidence of hepatitis A. He was in front ofdischarges and appears as a normal intestinal infection.

“Now comes the time when usual seasonal rise in the incidence of hepatitis A. Usually at the end of August-September, it somewhat increases. This is due partly with the formation of groups in kindergartens and schools, partly with the fact that now the city receives a lot of fruits, melons, therefore, we must strictly observe security measures to thoroughly wash them. And the General requirement to observe the rules of personal hygiene”, — said Irina Chingari.

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