The expert revealed the secret superoriginal greenhouses

a Greenhouse is a great option for vacationers who broke their gardens in the North-West of our country, where the wind and cold weather many plants simply do not grow. Both his hands to do a proper harvest greenhouse, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said Leonid Ryabov, head of the St. Petersburg club of Natural farming.

“the Greenhouse often made of polyethylene, and this is a good option for hot weather — then warm inside. But as soon as it gets colder, the temperature drops and in the greenhouse. So I prefer to do it polycarbonate three — layer material, the structure of which is air. It is a heat insulator. In a greenhouse you can grow crops from April to October is the period of vegetation and growth of extended”, — the expert explains.

However, such a greenhouse has a drawback: if the street is greater than 25 degrees, the inside temperature heats up to 40 and 50. And tomatoes, for example, at a high temperature not fastened, because the pollen is sterilized. In such cases, helps the ventilation.

“But if you just open the door of the greenhouse, a draft will start to blow from it carbon dioxide, the main element in plant nutrition. So you can lose the crop. The correct solution would be to make the window in the roof — warm air out of the greenhouse, and the heavier carbon dioxide stays above the beds,” says Mr Ryabov.

Another life hack for superoriginal the greenhouse instead of the garden beds to do some maturing compost heaps.

“Many gardeners know that if you put pumpkin or squash in a compost heap, they will grow huge. The main essence of this phenomenon — the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide, which plants love. I make the beds in the greenhouse in a compost heap of leaves and grass, sprinkled them with a biological product with microorganisms that will decompose. Poured on top 1 cm of compost where the carbon blackYu zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant. So they will grow better,” — said the expert.

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