The expert told about the risks when riding a Bicycle and electric skateboard drunk

riding a bike or electric skateboard in a drunken state called life-threatening.

Head of the day hospital of the Moscow scientific-practical center of narcology Dmitry Kubarev has warned about the risks of the onset of the “heroic” status, which reduces the attentiveness and responsiveness on the road.

“People may itself be killed, and to kill another, or to cause serious damage,” he said, reports the Agency “Moscow”. The specialist explained that due to relaxation under the effect of alcohol person begins to think: “time — slip”.

additionally, the psychiatrist noted that in the summer, especially in the heat, the action of alcohol on the body increases. Thus, the expert concluded, “even small doses of alcohol in the current weather can much stronger impact on the person and cause a serious degree of intoxication”.

Recall that the city bike rental from the 1st of June became available to all Muscovites. This season in Moscow, the townspeople will be about 6 thousand bikes, both conventional and electric.

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