The expert told how to save the harvest from drought

In the hot dry summer in suburban areas may be a shortage of water needed by the crops. Mulching will allow the grower and gardener less water the earth, says the head of the St. Petersburg club of natural agriculture Leonid Ryabov. The expert explained to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” that is needed.

“the Soil between the plants should cover the cut grass or weeded weeds. You will need a layer of about 5-7 cm. This so-called mulching. It turns out that on the ground we put something like a blanket that prevents the evaporation. Moisture is thereby preserved. The result is less water,” — said Ryabov.

According to him, the soil under mulch does not overheat, creating the best conditions for the roots.

“most importantly, this grass, decaying leaves in the food for plants. They will grow up healthy, get sick less, eat the way I used to eat in nature”, — concluded the expert.

Earlier Leonid Ryabov has informed the readers of “Rosbalt” the secret of good compost.

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