The expert told how to save the potatoes from larvae that can destroy crops

the Larvae of click beetles or wireworms can destroy entire potato crop, affecting both the young stems and healthy tubers. How to get rid of pests in your garden, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said Galina Ivanova, candidate of agricultural Sciences, senior researcher, all-Russian research Institute of plant protection.

“Do click beetles danger to plants are not present, can not be said of their larvae, the wireworms that live in the soil and eating any plant foods, including potatoes. Wireworms called by appearance: the body is long, to 4.5 cm, with a hard shiny cover. Resemble a piece of wire,” — says the expert.

According to Ivanova, the beetles usually lay eggs in may—June, of which after 2-3 weeks the larvae. For the first year they grow up to 7 mm, and then leave to spend the winter — a full cycle of development lasts 2-5 years.

“Is the simultaneous presence in the fields of the larvae of various instars, pupae, adults and eggs of click beetles creates a high supply of insects that damage the crop. And there is an active migration of these pests in potato fields and adjacent lands. Wireworms do not like dry soil and often migrate vertically, going down or rising up depending on the soil moisture. Because of this their appearance is very unexpected,” explains Galina Ivanova.

the Expert says that in the fight against wireworms greater role played by traditional farming techniques. For example, you can subdivide the plot to create a kind of small crop rotation and alternate planting of different plants.

“an Important weed control, especially with zapretnyj places where you can collect the beetles and their larvae-wireworms. When digging of wireworms, you can select and destroy, says Ivanov. — In the list of authorisedx for garden plots are biological products based on the fungus Metarhizium anisopliae at a concentration of not less than 108 CFU/ml of Fungus that is contained in them, lives in soils worldwide and causes diseases in insects, parasitizing on them. So it will protect not only from wireworms, and other insects e.g. caterpillars of noctuids. The drug must be incorporated into the soil when planting”.

the Expert recalled that all preparations must be used by wearing overalls, gloves and a respirator.

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