To open the ball shows the end of the year, here is the National assembly of Ukraine Virsky with its 120 dancers in flamboyant costumes. Founded in 1937, the troop has long lived in the shadow of the very official Ballet Igor Moïsseïev imposed by Moscow. But the independence, the Virsky has taken on another dimension.

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We have been able to attend rehearsals in their studio of a modern building in the centre of Kiev. Because of our coming, they had prepared as for a show: make-up, costumes and bar warm-up. It is clear that the energy deployed by these dancers is extraordinary. The sets are impeccable. It is the traditional dance of a very high level. We came out excited about the “repetition” . Like what to dance when life-giving – was it traditional, did so well.

today, these artists have put this dance to the forefront thanks to their technical level exceptional. The boys are in full view with numbers very acrobatic. Exercises in which the hip-hop of our cities seems to be inspired. While the girls offer of tables, more slender. This pyrotechnics demonstration is not devoid of tender moments, and the superb duo worthy of a great ballet repertoire. An evening that reconciles with the folklore.

Palais des Congrès in Paris from 5 to 8 December e.