The family of 61-year-old St. Petersburg man died in Hospital of veterans of wars, accused the doctors of negligence (photos)

the St. Petersburg Hospital for war veterans on 22 may, died 61-year-old Konstantin Baryshev sick with coronavirus and suffered from diabetes. His wife and daughter claim that he allegedly died under suspicious circumstances and blame the doctors for criminal negligence. History they shared with the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

the First symptoms of cold Konstantin Baryshev appeared on may 11, and about four days he treated his wife — a medical doctor by education — Protocol “treatment Scheme of patients at home: With a diagnosis of SARS in patients older than 65 years or with concomitant chronic pathologies”. The patient felt good, as with the common cold.

“My husband had to go to work on 15 may, took the hospital. We called the doctor housing assistance from the district health center No. 88. She decided to send it to CT and gave a referral for hospitalization — although reassured us that he’ll just make a procedure and released to convalesce home, — says Alla. In the end, the ambulance doctor made a decision to take her husband to the hospital without a CT scan, even though it felt good.”

the Daughter of Konstantin Baryshev Anna says that weekend he spent at the office, as the doctor was not, and on the evening of may 16, he had a fever. Moreover, according to relatives, the nurses went into the room no more than 1-2 times a day and did not pay for the patient’s complaints. The patient allegedly had to come down to the first floor of the hospital to buy a thermometer to see what temperature it got up to 39.6.

“dad has diabetes, but he drank the tablets, thus maintaining sugar normal, and it was recorded in his chart. Before he was in intensive care, he took the pills, but after, the physicians ignored the therapy. As we saw in the history of the disease, the sugar rush from him three times,” says daughter.

Anna notes that after the receipt of the father in the intensive care unit every day he was examined by a new doctor, wrote his recommendations for treatment and, according to relatives, did not control him. According to the documents, and was not conducted CT tests were taken only at admission and after 5 days — the day before death. According to the daughter, according to the history of the disease, only one doctor during their shifts regularly monitored the patient’s condition.

“Suddenly dad was transferred on artificial lung ventilation, although acute indications, past medical history, was not, and he was put into an artificial coma. Although this morning my mom called the help, where she was told that dad is breathing on his own. And in the day, calling the resuscitation, we heard that he was already on a ventilator, and a decision was taken by the doctor — as we later learned, a fairly young man. In artificial ventilation, he translated father without getting his consent and with no arguing,” — said the daughter.

Anna also complains about the alleged lack of control over the condition of the father in the night from 21 to 22 may at elevated pressure, lowering the saturation level of the duty doctor, according to her version, “literally left the patient to die from 22:00 to 6:00”. At 10:15 the father’s heart stopped. Alla reports that on that day on the phone she long could not explain what exactly her husband died. After a while they got access to the history of his disease and treatment.

“Time of death into the map, the certificate and autopsy report, different, indicated three time. Cause of death card, death certificate and from a conversation with the pathologist is also different. History rewritten has a lot of inconsistencies, such as inconsistency of data in different documents for one and the same day signed by the same nurse for 5 days — worked for 24 hours 5 days in a row? — torn sheets, some of the documents without dates and signatures, forging daddy’s signature on the consent. In the map there was a bunch of chronic diseases, which he never had. We know this for sure, because twice a year he passed the examination. Painfully hurt by the fact that my dad caught these doctors. I do not understand how you can so kill a man and continue to live the same life,” says Anna.

According to the version of wife and daughter of the deceased, his death was caused by unprofessional actions and negligence of doctors, and the history of the disease is not genuine. They have sent appeals to the CPS, Roszdravnadzor, the health Committee of St. Petersburg Territorial Fund OMS of St. Petersburg, the city Prosecutor’s office, insurance company and MPs to initiate parliamentary inquiries. All documents are at the disposal of edition. Specific responses from the agencies to get so far failed.

earlier, the St. Petersburg residents have already complained about the conditions in the Hospital of veterans of wars.

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