A fairyland of colors, shapes and movements, such as the adaptation of the children’s book of Dino Buzzati, The Famous Invasion of Sicily by bears , published in 1945. The illustrator Lorenzo Mattotti, 65, drew its inspiration from a work fertile and give to see a feature-length animated film magisterial, written with the assistance of Jean-Luc Fromental ( Loulou, the incredible secret , césarisé in 2014) and Thomas Bidegain ( The Prophet and Dheepan by Jacques Audiard, palme d’or 2015), which lends its voice to a character.

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Presented in the un certain regard section at the last Cannes film festival, and then in Annecy and finally in Angoulême, this film, which was renamed The famous invasion of bears in Sicily , tells a story of poetic and political on by two forces, power and the abuses committed by the beings who reach the summit. Tonio, the only son of Leontius, the king of the bears, is kidnapped by the hunters in the mountains of Sicily. His father remains frozen with fear, this did not prevent him from his search with his armed troops. But between the time the offspring became familiar with his new life.

In its own way, a great admirer of Miyazaki, Lorenzo Mattotti also speaks of integration and cohabitation, multiplies the references to the theatre – the commedia dell ’arte, to Fellini ( La Strada) and even to Plato (the story starts in a cave). For the dubbing, he has sought the help of Andrea Camilleri, the father of the commissioner Montalbano died recently, the French version is served by the voices of Jean-Claude Carrière, Leïla Bekhti, and Arthur Dupont.

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This film, which will be requested five years of work was produced by Prima Linea, the studio in charente which we must The Turtle red by Michael Dudok de Wit (special jury prize in the un certain regard section in 2016), other small visual wonder a thousand miles of the blockbuster movies of Disney. The public will discover the 9 October.