The famous scientist explained why it is important to exit isolation

Rules of exit of Demoiselle shared virologist, Professor nits of epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. Gamalei Anatoly Alistan.

According to him, the removal of restrictions inevitably. Otherwise, the situation will be catastrophic for business. However, he pointed out, returning to the activities of enterprises and organizations, it is necessary to observe sanitary-epidemiological safety. Otherwise we will not second wave of infection, and the continuation of the current.

the virologist pointed out the necessity of application of means of individual self-defense by the elderly. “People over 65 years, today it is better to move in close masks. For them it is all (coronavirus — ed.) is very dangerous. As for walks, you need to have a mask. If the Park is busy, then it is better not to walk there”, — quotes the doctor AIF.

Also, Olstein explained that wearing a mask is not a threat from the mists of the opinion that the man in the mask inhales carbon dioxide. “First, it is unlikely inhaled carbon dioxide… second, small concentrations of carbon dioxide stimulates respiration, and thirdly, people are generally not as long wearing a mask. Well, here are the sellers, for example, wear masks throughout the day of course, unpleasant thing, but nothing serious,” said a virologist.

Recall that from June 1 to the public regardless of age can go for walks. To avoid the massive crowds and possible contamination, a special map of tours.

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