we are in family, between friends, or alone, and if the best way to spend Christmas was nothing but a good film to relax after the new year? Compile a comprehensive list of Christmas movies, it is a challenge. Nevertheless, a few nuggets stand out from the pack to accompany the magic of the 25th of December. And there’s something for all tastes.

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Love Actually remains, fifteen years after its release, a reference in the field. The cream of the cream of british cinema gathered in this feature film from Richard Curtis to tell the story, with lightness, all kinds of love stories that could happen (or not) on the evening of Christmas. The unforgettable declaration of love for Andrew Lincoln, the sheriff of Walking Dead Keira Knightley the hipped of Hugh Grant passing by marriage to the drift of Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman, Love Actually remains the fairy tale romantic in the most sparkling of the years 2000.

In the lineage of films to see and review, The Father Christmas is a junk is packed with phrases of worship that have marked an entire generation. First piece of theatre, and then adapted for the big screen by Jean-Marie Poiré, this fantastic story of Christmas is the perfect excuse to meet the team of Tan and fight the cold with a good dose of humour… and a few doubitchous for dessert. More recent, Santa & Cie tells the story of Father Christmas who is desperately trying to find aspirin at Paris for his elves fell sick just before the delivery of the gifts. Alain Chabat sign a comedy of madness in the games of tasty words.

Christmas is the snow, good food, and especially the waiting for santa and his wonderful gifts. Creepy tale, but not too much, Gremlins is the film that will delight young and old. Attention, however, not to forget the rules regarding the Mogwai, starlets of the film. These adorable furry creatures must not be exposed neither to the light nor to the water, and above all, don’t be fed after midnight. Less terrifying, The Grinch , famous croque-mitaine hair green embodied notably by Jim Carrey, helps you remember with a sense of humor as the magic of Christmas is not just toys. More traditional, the history cult of little Kevin McCallister forgotten at home by his family for Christmas in the Mom I missed the plane it’s always funny to watch with his family.

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“Liberated, delivered,” the song of The Snow Queen continues to resonate in the homes. Produced by the mill Disney after years of research and preparation, this tale Norwegian tells the story of how the brotherly love that unites Anna and Elsa to save their kingdom from an eternal winter. The global success of the multiple rich rewards of two Oscars, the adaptation – a little distant – of the Andersen fairy tale is a staple of Christmas. In a register totally different and equally praised by critics, The Strange Christmas of Mister Jack , directed by Henry Selick, based on an idea by Tim Burton, remains a sure value. Its fantastic and macabre has not taken a ride. The film tells with delight of the unlikely encounter between the inhabitants of the land of Halloween and Christmas, orchestrated by the charismatic “king of the pumpkins, Jack Skellington.

If you are a history buff and war, Merry Christmas is the film to see. Inspired by actual events, this co-production of France with Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and Romania, tells the anecdote the more incredible the Great War. In 1914, the French soldiers, scots, germans, leaving behind the violence of the trenches in order to live together on Christmas eve. Football Match, opera singing and exchange of cigarettes, the brotherhood takes on the rivalry for a night time.

For great lovers of the classic, Life is beautiful of Frank Capra (not to be confused with the film directed by Roberto Benigni) offers the instant emotion of the new year’s eve. While the main character George Bailey is on the verge of suicide, an angel appears to show him how good life worth living. Classic of the american cinema after the war, Life is beautiful illustrates the american dream in all her splendor to the golden age of Hollywood.

Because Christmas can also be the opportunity to play detective, Eight Women of François Ozon proposes to delve into the 1950s in order to carry out the investigation in a large mansion where the master of the house is murdered. Among the suspicious, embodied by eight French actresses famous Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert or Fanny Ardant, hides the guilty. A feature film nominated eleven times for the Césars in which we would like to end the late Danielle Darrieux in one of her last roles.

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And finally, if all that one wishes for the new year’s eve, it is a good action film, don’t panic. In Die Hard – Piège de Cristal , the policeman John McClane finds himself, despite him having to stop only one of the malefactors at the origin of a hostage situation. The opportunity to take to Bruce Willis without derogating from the Christmas theme, since his character was about to join his family for new year’s eve.