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The father of Gims et Dadju assaulted at her home in the Hauts-de-Seine

It was a long Sunday of concern for the rappers and singer of R&B, Gims et Dadju. Djuna Djanana, the father of the two artists, has been the victim of a violent assault, on Sunday, may 5, at his home in Villeneuve-la-Garenne, Hauts-de-Seine (92), said Closer. While the magazine reported that the 64 year-old man was dragged by three persons in a car to ask for money in exchange for “protection”, Télé-Loisirs accurate, according to a justice source, that the father of Gims has been in reality attacked by five individuals, always at his home. The attackers violently struck, without anything to steal him. The prosecutor of Nanterre opened an investigation for “attempted robbery with violence”.

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Djuna Djanana is a singer very famous in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he’s from. He was part of the group of the late Papa Wemba and has had the opportunity to work with Peter Gabriel, interpreter Sledgehammer .

On the social networks, a photo and a video of Djuna Djanana, bruised, circulate.

If it is, at present, impossible to determine if these images are those of the man just after the assault, some people doubt it, considering that it is of archival images dating back to an accident in which the Congolese would have been victim in the past. “These are old photos” or a “fake News” we can read in some comments of this post Instagram.

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This is not the first time that the world of rap is a victim of this kind of attack. In February 2006, the mother and brother of rapper Booba had been sequestered in a cave of Meudon, in the Hauts de Seines. The criminal, aged twenty years, had claimed an amount of 320,000 euros to the Duke of Bologna. Arrested, they were sentenced to four and a half years of imprisonment.

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