The Federal air transport Agency explained of which countries are

Russia will open the first air service to those countries where there was the most favourable sanitary-epidemiological situation. This was reported on the website of the Federal air transport Agency.

“the First stage involves the opening of air communication with the States in which there was the most favourable sanitary-epidemiological conditions,” the report States.

the Rosaviation has directed the aviation authorities of several States offers mutual resumption of international flights. Aviation authorities of individual States — what the Federal air transport Agency did not name — had directed their retaliatory treatment.

the restoration of the transit will occur as the removal by foreign countries of restrictions on execution of international flights and the admission on its territory of foreign citizens.

the Airports “Vnukovo”, “Sheremetyevo” and “Domodedovo” has declared its readiness to resume international flights, reports TASS.

in the Spring the traffic was stopped due to a pandemic coronavirus. The Russian government will discuss a possible resumption of international flights after 15 July. Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said that Russia will resume flights only in those countries where the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus does not exceed on average 1% per day. Moreover, in such countries within two weeks on average should be recorded no more than 40 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, and the prevalence of coronavirus should not exceed 1. The country list will be adjusted every two weeks.

Directly in the country where you will be able to fly Russians, the authorities and the competent authorities are not called.

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