The Federation Council approved the law on Patriotic education

the Federation Council approved the law on Patriotic education, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

the New law clarifies the concept of education under which it is proposed to understand the activities aimed at development of personality, creation of conditions for self-determination and socialization of students on the basis of socio-cultural, spiritual and moral values accepted in the Russian society rules and norms of behavior in the interests of the individual, family, society and the state.

Education is intended to shape young people “a sense of patriotism and citizenship, respect for the memory of defenders of Fatherland, to the rule of law, the working man, the older generation; to instil respect for the cultural heritage and traditions of the multinational people of Russia, to nature and the environment”, — stated in the law.

Planned schedules of educational work, which will contain a specific list of events and activities educational orientation. The right to participate in the development of work program and calendar plan of educational work will receive student and parent councils, educational institutions, explained in the Scenarios.

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