The festival for the seventh time came to the rally against the arrest Furgala

In the Khabarovsk citizens for the seventh time came the mass protests against the arrest of the Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgala.

according to the CAAC DVHAB.RU residents have a week require the authorities to release from prison Furgala. Townspeople gather again in the center of the city, despite the rain.

Today the action began, the representatives of the Communist party, which, unlike citizens, their actions informed the mayor’s office. Their rally on Komsomolskaya square is dedicated to the protest against political repression. Thus in his address that precedes the action, the representative of the Communist party is not mentioned Furgala.

On the causes of the performances of the inhabitants of the province after the arrest of Governor Sergey Furgala in the podcast of “Rosbalt” said the businessman from Khabarovsk Jean Manko.

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