Sètes is in a festive mood. Until Sunday, the town transforms into a real open-air museum, full of colours, frescoes of all kinds and of musical notes. For the past eleven years, the little Venice of Georges Brassens, hosts the festival K-Live, which celebrates the urban arts, visual arts and contemporary music.

The event will culminate in a great free evening on the private beach on the Sea Side, Saturday evening from 21h to 3h), moderated by Piñata Radio. Very expected, the concerts of the rapper Hamza and DJ Cassius at Theater of the Sea have been cancelled for “economic reasons”.

Since 3 June, various artists have invested the streets of Sète for flowering of street art works to the four corners of “the island singular’ dear to Paul Valéry. The miniature sculptures by Isaac Cordal, the impressive contemporary classicism of Andrea Ravo Mattoni, portraits, surreal Maye, or even the sensual forms of Laho, which opens this Friday at 17h on the first deck of the open-air Museum, on the island of Thau (see cover photo).

ZAT: Zone Artistic Temporary

a few miles away, a “Box art” temporary exceptional diving “100 artists in the city” opens this Friday night in Montpellier for nearly two months, foreshadowing the opening on the 29th of June the Hotel’s collections of “Montpellier Contemporary (MOCO).

“This summer, Montpellier will be the location of the largest open-air exhibition in Europe,” says Nicolas Bourriaud, commissioned by the metropolis to develop the contemporary art in the city. Of course urban-focused contemporary art – installations, performances, productions, a new or loans of works of art – connect the three pillars of contemporary art in Montpellier: Hotel of the collections, which will be inaugurated on the 29th of June, the art center, The Panacea and the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Montpellier.

Among the artists invited until the 28th of July, Neïl Beiloufa, Berdaguer & Péjus, Hicham Berrada, Braco Dimitrijevic, Agnès Fornells, Gloria Friedmann, Mona Hatoum, Fabrice Hyber, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Mathieu Mercier, the collective Opavivarà!, or Jeanne Suspluglas. Three orders from the public sector will be unveiled Friday night in the HAZ 2019 which Cosma, an installation by Abdelkader Benchamma made from inscrustations of marble slabs and a sculpture of long-term crude aluminium produced by Lili-Reynaud Dewar from a mold of his body.

hanging Garden

Among the facilities that the public will be able to discover during his wanderings, including “2068”, a device to light the night and the sound the day, installed on the Tower Babote. Or “Birds-of-Paradise of the German Gloria Friedmann – sculptures in painted steel installed in a fountain and wearing of masks in latex representing birds or politicians: the water out of their beaks and mouths.

The lebanese artist Mona Hatoum presents for his part in the Agora its “hanging garden”, consisting of bags of sand, reminiscent of those used in war zones, but contain seeds that give birth to plants. The title of this HAZ outstanding is a nod to an exhibition initiated in the urban space by artists montpellier in 1970, among which Vincent Bioulès, whose work will be the subject of a retrospective exhibition in summer at the Musée Fabre. At the same time, is presented to be the Panacea “the street where The world creates itself”, an exhibition bringing together 80 contemporary artists international, in partnership with the MAXXI in Rome.