The festival is born small. The idea of the children of available artists in circuses around Paris. Then he integrated the traditions further afield by looking to the East, fourteen years before the end of the USSR. Initially, the artists were from families, then schools, with the opening to the Chinese. The concept global of the festival is then amplified. It is in his context that the Egyptians, Cubans, the Mongols presented themselves to the West for the first time. The contortionist of mongolia, which had won the gold medal of the festival in 1983 is invited to the quarantenaire and re-issue of contortion.

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“At the beginning of the festival, this opening towards the East has favored the troops: bar Russian, jumps to the toggle with groups of 14 to 20 people, says Pascal Jacob, artistic director of the festival. Today the landscape has changed, the relay was provided by the schools of the West, Chalons, Brussels and Montreal. And the circus presented became more and pluspréfigurateur of the circus of tomorrow. It is there that the fabric aerial and Cyr wheel have been presented in public for the first time. Most of the places where the numbers didn’t exist in 1979. And the numbers are dramatically upgraded, even if the techniques remain the same. We can see that by seeing the number of contortion mongol, 1983, and by confronting it to the contortionists of this edition.”

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Far from being a festival of schools, the event is a contest of circus launched for young artists, aged 16 to 23 years. This year’s selection includes a number of boards Korean came from Sweden, high precision mechanical which puts the spotlight on three boards simultaneously. You will also see a juggler Ukrainian who gives his balls a lightness rare, two pairs of straps, a Japanese guy who climbs to the fabric of the air with a counterweight, a magician in venezuela, a group of Russian base jumpers on the ground, five Chinese wielding of the meteors lit, cups connected by a wire that the acrobats are juggling on their feet and with their hands, a tightrope walker, a number with two trapezoids in front of the public… Annie Duperey is the godmother of this fortieth festival. She is an assiduous spectator of the event. The prizes will be awarded by the jury, which has the nec plus ultra of the people of the circus, Franco Dragone at Maxim Nikulin.

big top of the Phénix lawn of Reuilly Xii.
Tel.: 0 892 68 36 62. Hours: in the evening, 31 jan., 1 and 2 feb. at 20: 30 and on the morning of 2 feb. at 14: 30 p.m. and on 3 feb. 15-h. Seats from 25 € and pass 2 or 3 shows from 30 €.