Yet another twist to Woodstock 50. A few days ago, the festival celebrating the 50 years of Woodstock was on the verge of being cancelled after different controversies. The organizers have finally announced that the event was held and according to information from TMZ, it should be free!

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Michael Lang, renowned producer and founder of the original festival, decided that the tickets were to be distributed free of charge to interested persons. A gesture that will delight certainly the fans, but not all employees hired for the occasion. To ensure an annuity the minimum of the VIP tickets should be available at the sale, but the benefits have not yet been disclosed. On the other hand, the organizers encourage future visitors to make donations to support various causes.

The line-up announced will undergo a complete remodel since several artists, visibly annoyed by all these complications, withdrew.

Jay-Z said package, others may follow

The event, which will take place from 16 to 18 August, in a first time, lost the funding of the japanese group Dentsu. “Despite our considerable investment of time, work and commitment, we do not believe that the festival could be carried out as an event worthy of the mark Woodstock, while ensuring the safety and security of the artists, partners and spectators,” had indicated the group to the AFP. However, a solution has been found thanks to new financial partners.

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Originally planned in the State of New York, the festival will finally take place in Maryland, in particular due to the low capacity of the first place. A situation which of course has put at risk the logistics, but especially the presence of the artists announced.

Finally, as a result of these setbacks, the contracts signed previously are superseded and some of the heavyweights such as Jay-Z or John Fogerty have announced that they do not intend to re-enlist. Doubt still hangs over the presence of Miley Cyrus, Imagine Dragons or The Killers.