Fans of Baroque parties took part in a wedding as in the past in the Royal Chapel of the château, before a costume ball in the Hall of Mirrors, animated by musicians from the Royal Opera, as in the greatest hours of Versailles. Access was paid, from 155 euros per person.

Shawn and Kristine, in their forties, in blue suits and wigs rented in Canada, visit the royal apartments. They come from Vancouver and participate in this party for the first time. They had planned this trip since 2019. Covid obliges, they had to wait two years.

Professional dancer, Claire, 30, resident of Nancy adorned with a blue tafta dress, offered her mother Marie-Christine, 61, retired, in an off-white dress, this evening for her birthday.

“It’s magical to be here with these basket dresses. Everyone is pleasant and smiling. It feels crazy after the two years that we have just lived”, declares Claire, under the chandeliers of the Hall of Mirrors .

Jonathan, a 50-year-old Los Angeles publisher, dressed all in red in a Lucifer costume with a wig with little devil horns, also shares this opinion: “It’s an extraordinary experience to live this at Versailles. I came with my wife and friends from the United States for this unique moment”.

Bruno, in his sixties, in a homemade Louis XVI costume, his face powdered and wearing a magnificent wig, is accompanied by Daniel in a baroque Saturn costume, also “homemade”.

They are faithful: “We go to the Venice carnival, but Versailles is legendary and we missed it. It’s good to meet friends and party as we like”.

For Laurent Brunner, director of Versailles Spectacle and organizer of the event, “the participants come to take a little revenge on the passage of time. These last two years have been hard. The sense of celebration is very emblematic of the 18th century”.