The film

the directory lists on the platform HBO Max removed the picture of Victor Fleming “gone with the wind”, filmed on the novel by Margaret Mitchell and released in 1939.

according to The Hollywood Reporter, the reason to exclude the paintings from the list was a column by John Ridley, screenwriter of “12 years a slave” in Los Angeles Times, which called on the leadership HBO Max to remove the work of Fleming from the platform, because the picture, he said, “does not ignore the horrors of slavery, offers a painfully stereotypical image of people of color”. The film “depicts some ethical and racial prejudice”, which is inappropriate against the background of the scandal with the dead after a hard detention in the United States, African-American, points out media.

HBO has promised that later will return the film to the platform, but “together with discussion of its historical context.”

we will Remind, 46-year-old African American George Floyd was detained by police on may 25 in Minneapolis. Video of the moment of the arrest appeared online — the footage shows how Cowen pressed on the neck of the detainee Floyd knee. African American died in intensive care. Covina fired and charged with murder. Because of this story in US cities erupted in riots.

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