An investigation by two journalists, Alex English, and Maximillian Potter, of the site american The Atlantic , reveals on Wednesday that filmmaker Bryan Singer would have had consensual sex or forced with teenagers in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These revelations are in addition to the prior charges of sexual assault on a teenager of 17 years for the director of Bohemian Rhapsody,

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the Four alleged victims, now adults, have agreed to testify for The Atlantic . One of them, Victor Valdovinos, who was 13 at the time of the facts, has described accurately the behavior of Bryan Singer during filming in the 1997 film gifted ( Act-Pupil ). According to him, after having spent a long time to wait on a film set contained a locker room, just wearing a towel, the director has caught the sex and started to masturbate by rubbing him. Victor Valdovinos, today 34-year-old, reveals that this assault had on him of the traumatic impact that had for consequences to disturb his romantic and professional life. More than twenty years after the fact, it requires now that Bryan Singer presented him with an apology.

“Campaign of denigration”

In 2017, the Cesar Sanchez-Guman had also claimed to have been raped by Bryan Singer, fourteen years earlier. This last, by the voice of his lawyers, denies all charges of sexual assault of which it is currently subject. Claiming to be a victim of a smear campaign, he explained in a press release that “this story is the rehash of false lawsuits filed by a group of disreputable people willing to lie for money or attention”. “It is not surprising, at the time the Bohemian Rhapsody is devoted to it, that this smear campaign trying to take advantage of its success,” he adds. The biopic on Freddie Mercury comes to be devoted by the Golden Globes, and is among the favorites of the next academy awards ceremony.

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