The Finance Ministry predicted a tightening of sanctions against Russia after the pandemic

Russia should prepare for tougher sanctions after the completion of the pandemic. This statement, according to RBC, the Deputy Director of the Department for monitoring of external constraints of the Ministry of Finance Dmitry Kiku. The newspaper reminds that back in March, UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres, in a letter to leaders of the group of twenty (G20) called for the removal of sanctions on the background of the pandemic and the UN high Commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet has called for a review of restrictions countries affected with coronavirus. The representative of the Ministry of Finance said that the call of the UN Secretary General was not heard, and after the peak of a pandemic, “the policy of containment of Russia and China, through the application of restrictive measures” probably will involve more stringent methods. He suggested that the sanctions pressure will only increase. According to officials, the trigger for a strengthening of anti-Russian sanctions will be coming on 3 November US presidential election. Kiku said that the RF has no problem proportionate response to the sanctions, because “it is obvious that the economies of Russia and Western countries is not comparable”. He believes that Russia should “adapt”. We will add that earlier a group of us senators proposed the inclusion of additional sanctions against construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” from Russia to Germany to the US defence budget for the 2020/2021 financial year, to accelerate the imposition of sanctions. Meanwhile, on the eve of the European Council once again approved the extension of restrictions against Moscow. Sanctions will be in effect until January 31. After that, the EU will need to render a new decision regarding those measures.

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