“This morning, the situation is under control in the northern sector and the fire is fixed on the southern sector,” the prefecture said on Twitter.

Nearly 130 firefighters and 40 firefighting machines are still present on site, according to the prefecture, which emphasizes that “the site is subject to extreme vigilance and permanent surveillance”.

On Saturday, a Dash water bomber plane arrived as reinforcements was able to make six drops in the area during the day, and allowed “to fix all the fire” located in the southern sector in the town of Brasparts, a difficult area to access by land means, recalled the prefecture.

Thursday, the prefecture announced that the fire in the Arrée mountains was “under control” and that the situation was “totally stabilized”, but four new outbreaks had reactivated due to unfavorable weather conditions, in particular the wind.

The prefecture had reported a total burned area of ​​”1,725 ​​hectares of vegetation composed of moors, fir forests and hardwoods”.

Since the resumption of the fire, 46 ha have also burned.

The Quimper public prosecutor’s office opened two investigations into these fires on Wednesday, including one for “crime of willful destruction by fire.