They reassessed the area covered by the fire at 117 hectares of vegetation, against 136 hectares announced the previous evening.

This night, “the objectives of drowning and securing the edges have been achieved”, they added in a situation update.

On Tuesday, the massif will remain closed in the face of the risk of forest fires (red vigilance) and 250 firefighters will remain mobilized for “securing the edges and treating hot spots” of this fire which did not threaten any dwellings.

At the height of the disaster Monday, 600 firefighters had been deployed to quickly attack the fire which took on the tip of the massif, at the level of the town of Aureille, for an unknown reason.

In addition to the mega-fires in Gironde, several fires also affected the south-east of France this summer, hit by a historic drought, with in particular 1,600 hectares going up in smoke south of Avignon in mid-July. At the end of June, 1,800 hectares of vegetation had also burned at the French army training camp in Canjuers (Var).