The first channel showed a fake story about a

the First channel showed the story about the alleged celebration in Yakutia the adoption of the amendments to the Constitution. But in fact, this video was taken during the celebration Day of the Republic of Sakha in 2017.

As reported in the report stated that “almost half a dozen regions supported the amendment on the protection of the cultural identity of all peoples”, and the residents of Yakutia “held a circle”.

On the First channel showed an old video osuoha in Yakutsk, Republic Day occasion of the celebration of the adoption of the amendments

I’m Sorry, what?

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— News.Ykt.Ru (@NewsYktRu) July 4, 2020

it was Noted that a rally in honor of the adoption of the amendments was organized by the Russian popular front. Meanwhile, the activists said that no festive activities were not satisfied.

the vote on the amendments to the Constitution was completed on 1 July. In Yakutia, the amendment was supported 58,34% of the population, opposed by 40,65%.

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