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The first images are heartrending of Antlers, a tale of horror produced by Guillermo Del Toro

The love story between Guillermo Del Toro, horror, and monsters continues. After the success of films such as The Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) and The Shape of water (2017), the mexican director puts this time the hat of producer for Antlers , the new feature film from Scott Cooper. At casting, we found Keri Russell ( The Americans ), Jesse Plemons ( Fargo ) or Scott Haze ( Veno m ).

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Poster of the film “Antlers” Allociné

Antlers , literally the woods of the deer in English, promises a good dose of gamma-ray bursts. The first pictures show a little boy, not older than ten years tell a story of concern to his teacher. It will soon discover the terrible secrets of a family not quite like the others…

‘His bowels have become black”

“there were three bears who lived in a cave dark and damp in the middle of a small town,” said the child, who seems to be about him and his family. “Every day, little bear went to school, in the evening he came home and was having dinner. But one day, little bear is back home and great bear and baby bear were different. Great bear is sick and his bowels turned black. He was increasingly angry and nasty because they had nothing to eat, no meat”, he continues under the worried look of the teacher, while the music adds tension crispante.

The woman reconstructs a drawing torn, which reveals a child in the jaws of a ferocious beast. The lines are very raw: black to symbolize evil, the red to blood. One of the classic horror films including children.

The teacher composes a drawing on where we guess a child in the jaws of a ferocious beast. Screenshot YouTube

Of the subliminal images of the police, a man in the process of mutating, screaming, blood… “But they supported each other,” concludes the boy just before the monster appears on a different plane, roaring in the darkness. Difficult to distinguish the features.

Very little evidence, therefore, that the next trailer will probably come to complete. The “antlers” in question will only appear for a fraction of a second, while the young protagonist holds in his hand a imitation of a skull of a deer carved in the wood. Police officers also appear to find real wood in a dark room… do they Belong to the beast? Response in 2020.

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