The first three hostages released in luck, the bus is wounded (video)

Lutsk Maxim Compressor terrorist who seized bus with a dozen passengers got in touch with the Lviv TV channel “NTA”. The suspect stated that withheld them from morning hostage “in poor condition”, there is one wounded.

Among the hostages, according to Krivosha who calls himself Maxim Bad, pregnant and baby.

Deputy head of the Ukrainian interior Ministry Anton Gerashchenko reported that in the course of negotiations, trying to persuade terrorists to release women and children but he refuses.

a Little later, the scene heard shooting and it became known that three of the hostages gained their freedom from a bus in Lutsk took the first Deputy head of national police Eugene Smith.

Smith took three hostages

— Arsen Avakov (@AvakovArsen) July 21, 2020

Earlier he took the hostages of the container with drinking water.

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