The novel, the television and the cinema have made the glory of these fictional characters. Yet, behind the famous d’artagnan, in the shadow of the terrible Dracula and under the mantle of Sherlock Holmes existed for real men. Even the female warrior Mulan, the avenger Zorro, and the series “Mission impossible” hide incredible fates.

Who hides behind the mask of fiction of Zorro? They are many pretenders historical which may have influenced the writer-journalist Johnston McCulley (1883-1958) when he created in 1919, this flamboyant hero of fiction. Meanwhile, this “jumper that runs to the adventure at the gallop” has become a popular myth in american that is celebrated merrily the centenary of the beginning of the month of August 2019.

Smart like a goupil, Zorro (a nickname which means “fox” in Spanish) has yet amused to blur the lines. The vindicator original Latin laughs already under cape: for anyone who wants to conduct the investigation, the mysterious avenger …

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