“I wonder if the report first to the trees is not primarily aesthetic, even before being scientific. When you see a beautiful tree, it is simply extraordinary.” It is a botanist of a kind a few particular that illustrates this sentence in the exhibition at the Fondation Cartier has just opened between the outside and the inside. Francis Hallé has spent his life observing the trees. And to better make his observation, he has drawn. Thousands of sketches later, it is still not delivered. The tree continues to fascinate. He finds still more extraordinary as these “trees shy”, rare specimens and many individuals who never touch them when all the others love to play stuck tight in the dampness of the forest.

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“we must not forget that here we live among the trees”

Hervé Chandès, the director of the Foundation

We’re not going to criticize the Cartier Foundation for us to propose what became, through some success of edition and the …

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