The foreign Ministry of Ukraine do not exclude that Russia will try to

the foreign Ministry of Ukraine is subject to “another aggression” of Russia. This was stated by the Deputy Minister Vasily Bodnar in an interview with “Apostrophe”.

According to him, “we don’t know what he thinks Vladimir Putin and he ordered the military to prepare for the next aggression.” He believes that the reason for the drastic action may be the lack of water in the Crimea or the situation on the eve of a vote on making change to the Constitution to “get the favor of the voters.”

“I don’t think Russia has abandoned plans to make his land corridor to the Crimea, and Transnistria. Especially considering the fact that the water in the Crimea less and less. And nobody removed the military threat from the occupied Donbass and Russia in General,” said Bodnar.

Deputy Minister in their arguments referred to the arguments of the military specialists about the likelihood of the “Russian threat” given the opportunities of the black sea fleet to carry out amphibious operations.

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