The former family of Joseph Prigogine, the

a well-Known producer Iosif Prigozhin has confirmed media that his ex-wife Elena and their children were evicted from the apartment in the center of Moscow by the decision of the court.

the Court found that the family of the producer no longer eligible for elite housing in Moscow from-for a debt of the company “benefit” in the amount of 4 million rubles under the contract of financial lease. The entire family lost three apartments in the capital and land in the suburbs.

“for many years I have persuaded leased, like Dmitry, not to sign any papers,” said Prigogine “the Fifth channel”. According to the producer, his ex-family “wasted” expensive real estate. “How in the XXI century, with real estate for $ 100 million. Can you imagine? The figure is decent. To take and blow it all,” says Prigogine.

According to him, among the three lost apartments has a house of his former mother-in-law, which 82. “They put even my mom’s apartment, which was left on the street in’ 82. The man was discharged to nowhere,” says Prigogine.

Ex-wife Prigogine, according to the media, Elena met a man much younger than himself and decided to open a joint business with him. In the end, they took a loan from a microfinance organization, but the business quickly failed and had resulted in a large debt.

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