The former head of the Chuvash Republic has filed a lawsuit against Putin for his resignation

the Former head of Chuvashia Michael Ignatieff has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court to challenge the presidential decree on early termination of his powers.

As reported by RBC with reference to the case materials in the files of the court, the claim was accepted for production on may 21.

the plaintiff disputes the decree of President Vladimir Putin from 29.01.2020 № 68 “On early termination of powers of the head of the Chuvash Republic”.

Recall, the first time Ignatieff has “guilty” when called “wet” journalists critical of the government. He told officer MOE bounce, handing him the keys to the new office machine. On January 28 the head of the region was expelled from the “United Russia”, and the next day, Putin dismissed him from his post of the head of region “in connection with loss of trust”.

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