The former head of the Ministry of culture Avdeev has defended Serebrennikov

Former Minister of culture Alexander Avdeyev spoke in defense of the convicted person conditionally directed by Kirill Serebrennikov. His testimony was published by the magazine “Theater”.

Avdeev was summoned in petty-bourgeois court as a defense witness. He recorded the testimony in the video, but the court refused to use as evidence.

In his appeal to the court of the former Minister, which began the project “Platform”, “the Seventh Studio”, Serebrennikov called “pride of world culture.”

“the Trial… should be unbiased and not turn into harassment of authors in fact, because they are the first amazing today marked a major new direction in the development of modern art. And their amazing intellectual contribution will be enriched by the theatrical business in many countries”, — said Avdeev.

According to him, passed the financial and technical service is not just “his prohindeystvo failed trust them greatest innovators, gifted scientists, engineers, leaders of science and culture”.

the Court on June 26 sentenced Serebrennikov and producer Yuri itine to three years probation. Also they were ordered to pay fines of 800 thousand and 200 thousand respectively.

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