The former head of the St. Petersburg cosgrave: City mocks ambulance system

the Decree on the conversion of the St. Petersburg hospitals under COVID-19 — unconstitutional, as it impairs the quality of life of all patients, also infected with a coronavirus, and the quality of medical care. Such opinion to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by doctor of medical Sciences Alexander Redko, head of the St. Petersburg cosgrave in 1996-1997, adding that what is happening excessively overload the ambulance system.

“I don’t know the details of the story of a girl who died from nephritis allegedly due to the fact that there is no ambulance arrived, but would definitely ask me the distinguished Alexei Baikov, the head physician of City station of fast medical aid, the question. He was able to endure the 15-hour queue at the St. Petersburg hospital no rebellion, shouting, no noise? How is it — a normal person is to lead the system, which mocks the leadership of the city?”, asked radish.

According to him, in St. Petersburg formed three dozen headquarters for the fight against the coronavirus, and the head of cosgrave is why the place of Secretary of the headquarters of the second level, unable to affect anything, but is legally responsible for everything that happens. All the teams in the city gives the chief health officer.

“the Decision to restructure the hospitals under infection — extremely mindless and illiterate. When all the drugs dumped at the same address, it creates cross-contamination. It is a violation of all principles of anti-epidemic work. Before more than half the pneumonia, influenza, rhinoviruses and adenoviruses were treated at home, and now we all take together. But rather stand in long queues. In the confined space of the cabin and the driver, both the doctor and patient — no food, toilet… how’s That?”, — surprised the former head of cosgrave.

According to Redko, not to panic and everyone to take to the hospital, you need to give people the opportunity to make thoseSt on coronavirus and undergo a CT scan of the lungs.

“we in the city are approximately 80 commercial and nonprofit organizations that can conduct CT for everyone. But they don’t want to work because they are afraid that if they find COVID, they will close down. But when them people on kidney CT comes, he too can be a carrier of the virus! Where is the logic? If the people themselves, their feet came to them, a burden on the ambulance would not be”, — said Alexander Redko.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that who died of jade girl no ambulance arrived, she refused hospitalization. The parents of the deceased insist on excitation of criminal case due to the failure of the ambulance to arrive.

that, in a time when the coronavirus is necessary to call “ambulance”, please click here.

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