“What I’m going to say is so racist, I had no idea that my soul might one day think of something like that.” At least, Sinead O’connor seems conscious of what she said. On Twitter, the star converted to Islam for the October 19 show to its followers on its first steps of a young muslim. In a publication, she is excited to get to write his new name, Shuhada’, in Arabic. In another, she denounces islamophobia in Ireland, then castigates the american voters to have voted for Donald Trump.

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In one of his last publications, Sinead O’connor spins out without any possible doubt. On 6 November, she said: “I do not want to see the Whites now (if this is what we call non-muslims). Never, under any circumstances. They are repugnant”.

His message has received more than 4,000 comments and has been “liked” 800 times. A young woman, wearing the hijab, do not hesitate, however, not to make him the lesson: “Our religion forbids us this racism. Islam teaches respect of others, of humanity, and of religions,” she says.

Sinead O’connor seems to be always taken up with his old demons. Passed by a boarding school run by nuns, she explained to have retained a memory “of panic, of terror and suffering.” In 1992, she tore up on american television a picture of pope John Paul II. She regularly accuses the Church of ireland for failing to protect children victims of sexual abuse.

Recognizable by his shaved head, Sinead O’connor has gone from the front of the stage in the 2000s, before settling down a time in Jamaica to explore the beliefs of rastafarians. In recent years, Sinead O’connor poured her soul on social networks, threatening his former associates from prosecution, was giving vent to its health problems, both mental and physical, and engaged on his complicated relationships with his family and his children. “I want my right to die, and I revendiquerai”, launched in 2015 after his third suicide attempt.

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His new series of provocations has greatly expanded its audience on the Net. His account, MagdaDavitt77 is followed by 40,000 people. For the most part come to follow the new rantings of the former interpreter of Nothing Compares 2 U .

“SEE ALSO-Sinead O’connor converted to islam and is now called Shuhada’ Davitt

Sinead O’connor converted to islam and is now called Shuhada’ Davitt – Watching on Figaro Live