Rue d’aubervilliers, in the Nineteenth arrondissement, it is most frequently seen of the faces of football players “graffés” on the walls as frescoes, romantic. Liberty leading the people 2019 , a work carried out between Wednesday and Sunday last week in solidarity with the “yellow vests”, is designed as a contemporary version of the masterpiece of Eugene Delacroix exhibited at the Louvre.

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“I wanted to return to the theme of Freedom leading the people and put it to the taste of the day”, explains Pascal Boyart, sign PBOY. A mural that the artist of 30 years has performed with, also, his waistcoat yellow on the back.

“Freedom guiding The people” by Eugène Delacroix. The table measures 260 cm high and 325 cm wide. PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP

Delacroix painted his colossal oil on canvas in 1830 after the July revolution. The uprising, which resulted in 800 deaths on the side of the people and 200 on the side of the forces of law and order, sought to remove the king Charles X. Louis-Philippe, the constitutional monarch, the replaces.

the work Of the romantic painter, we find the young woman, a symbol of freedom and embodiment of the people, covered with a phrygian cap, hoisting a French flag and advancing rifle in hand. But, in 2019, the Freedom is more modest: Pascal Boyart decided to cover the chest of the main subject.

Among the insurgents, the jackets have replaced coats, and the stones of the rifles. The flames, the second plane of the fresco, is reminiscent of the violence of the month of December 2018. The Arc de triomphe appears in the mist.

In 2018, Pascal Boyart was depicted on a large mural entitled Delacroix vs ECB , the painter of the Nineteenth century it was burnt with a ticket of 100 euros.

A “puzzle bitcoin” hidden in the fresco

The graffiti artist has added a “puzzle bitcoin”. This kind of puzzles is popular among the users of cryptomonnaie. “To solve it fully, it is necessary to stand in front of the mural,” says his creator on the social networks, without giving further details. The winner will 0,26 bitcoin, about 1000 euros, depending on the current price.

Very fluctuating, the currency had lost 10% of its value in a single day in the month of November. Born of the dream of the city to evade the authority of the State and of the banks, the bitcoin is completely virtual.

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“finance, is the cause of causes of all these events,” storm Pascal Boyart, which has added a QR code visible on the fresco to receive donations in bitcoins also. Funding that allows it to “retain independence in my creation, and to free myself from the intermediate (galleries and institutions)”, according to its website. The artist also thank Alistair Milne, a british entrepreneur, and passionate advocate of bitcoin, for its support.