For the media and politicians around the world, there was a before and after the case of Gary Hart. Favorite for the nomination for democratic party in the presidential election of 1988, the young senator for 46 years, had all the cards in your hand. Apparently happy household, father of a family close to her daughter, grown – reads Tolstoy -and charismatic – he “presented well”. The highest office seemed within his reach. But Gary Hart has failed. The press revealed that he had an adulterous relationship with Donna Rice. He had not the right to the error.

After Tully, Jason Reitman has adapted as a leader in the book All Truth is out ( All the truth is out there ) of the journalist Matt Bai, also co-authored the screenplay with Jay Carson, already a consultant for the series House of Cards . The Front Runner tells the story of a fall. Proportional to the meteoric rise of a deputy democrat. The director unveils the mysteries of a campaign carried out efficiently until the scandal. It decrypts in virtuoso the dangerous liaisons between politicians and journalists, the runaway media, returns on the collateral damage caused by the truth that bursts at the great day. Questions the integrity, the ethics, the border that exists in theory between the political papers and the “people”. What is the limit not to cross? Does it all mean? At what time? Is there a choice?

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in 1987, a different world. The controversy goes beyond the individual to become collective. To the detriment of the family of Gary Hart, who sees the situation slipping out of control. What stance is taken by his wife Lee, and their daughter, Andrea, who has written a speech why? One thinks of Clinton, DSK, Mitterrand… In other movies also: Pentagon Papers Steven Spielberg (2018). The Washington Post is once again in the firing line. The president’s Men , Alan J. Pakula, Revelations, Michael Mann.

The air of nothing, the stage director takes the membership of the viewer. In politics, all truth is not good to say. He refined each role. The actors are so well directed that they be excellent. Hugh Jackman, 50 years old, lives with a conviction bluffing the policy taken in the trap. The australian actor of Wolverine , and Prisoners by Denis Villeneuve, can claim the oscar. Its partners are in tune.

Vera Farmiga plays Lee Hart with sobriety, and Sara Paxton composed a Donna Rice very worthy. “I did what I had to do for me to ensure that men do not look at me not as you look at me, in this moment,” she says to J. K. Simmons in the campaign manager. But all this was before the movement #MeToo and Time’s Up and the explosion of new modes of communication, selfies, tweets, and other “live”. Before cell phones hypersophistiqués. The information no longer has the same value and the way journalists work has changed. In contrast, the questions remain: should we publish, or not, of such and such information?

The Front Runner Film biographiquede Jason Reitman. With: Hugh Jackman, Vera Farmiga, J. K. Simmons, Sara Paxton… Duration: 1: 54.