The future road for a billion in the resort

a road construction Project on a new resort “Belokurikha-2” in the Altai region helped to attract the attention of new investors. The cluster will be built a new hospital with restaurant and hotel.

According to government plans, this year will start the construction of the road with a total length of about three kilometers to the mountain Mishina and the mountain chain of the Central part of the “Belokurikha-2”. The total investment in the project (1.1 billion rubles) consists of two parts: 880 million rubles will be allocated from the Federal budget, 220 million — from regional and local budgets. These funds will be disbursed in the framework of the tourism cluster. Construction completion is scheduled in 2022, the year.

Information about the construction of such a massive new track sparked interest in tourist cluster “Belokurikha-2” several large investors. So, according to the Deputy General Director of JSC “Belokuriha Resort” Oleg Akimov, the company “Grand-Cryo Altai” considers possibility to invest in the construction of a new hospital, combined with the restaurant and hotel. The contractor can start work without waiting for the completion of the main highway to future complex is laid a temporary road.

Further infrastructure development in the tourism cluster “Belokurikha-2” is provided including the regional targeted investment program. At the moment in the cluster is carried out: water supply and drainage, gas pipeline and two power lines. In addition, there has been a gradual construction of internal networks. 2020 will need to master 66 million rubles. By the end of 2020 it is planned to hand over the gas network, and by the beginning of 2021 — water supply.

now the cluster is very popular with tourists in high season it is visited by over 30 thousand visitors a month. Of special interest is the route of the mountains DryAya mane and Osinovka.

Governor of the Altai territory Viktor Tomenko said that the regional authorities consider it important to continue to invest budget funds and attract investment, as Belokuriha — only in the Urals, the resort of Federal significance. It is an important direction of economic development of the Altai Republic. “We will also have it (Belokurikha-2) to develop, to solve the issues of recovery, rehabilitation and all that is connected with sanatorium-resort activities, restorative rest,” — said the Governor.

Recall that the tourism cluster “Belokurikha-2” it was decided to create near the resort city of Belokurikha in 2011 year. It is noteworthy that Belokuriha-2 is the first resort post-Soviet period, created from scratch. Over the past 9 years, the project invested several billion rubles. Of this amount came from the Federal budget.

At the moment in the cluster is already open (in 2019) ski complex “Mishina Gora” with a cast of the track and two ski slopes whose elevation is 225 meters. The construction of the facility cost 100 million rubles. There is also a service centre with a pub and rental and Creperie. The construction of small hotels and cafes.

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