The girl who organized protests against the state and society, threatened with death

the Organizer of the protests in Istanbul against policies of the President of Turkmenistan, Mrs Rasulova threatened to “certain death”, according to Turkmen.News.

Rasulov told the newspaper that shortly before the rally demanding the resignation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held on 26 June, an unknown person had called her on the phone, warning that she’s “going to die”. And after the meeting she was trying to “steal”.

“I grabbed my two hands, saying let’s go back to the Consulate, and there I will write in detail why dissatisfied with their government. I was able to fight off, but in parting those two said, they say, we know where you live and what you do”, — said the girl.

She also said that her boyfriend left in Turkmenistan, five times was summoned to the office of the Ministry of national security, where they were beaten.

According to Rasulova, called her uncle, trying to persuade to abandon their activities because “we have in Turkmenistan, all is well.” She was sure that her cousin was forced into this of course.

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