After the Prix Landerneau of the comic strip, The golden Age signed by the tandem Cyril Pedrosa and Roxanne Moreil was awarded first prize in BD Fnac France Inter. With his girlfriend Roxanne Moreil in the scenario, the author of Portugal has released the first part of a diptych called The golden Age , with a second installment expected in march 2020. A mix between fable political and exciting adventure story which puts the spotlight on Tilda, princess taken advantage of and exiled to the death of his father, who will do everything to recover that which belongs to him of right.

in The course of his adventures, she discovers his subjects dying of hunger and decided to do battle with the nobility. The rebellion grows, nourished with the sound of a curious legend, that of the golden Age: an age lost where men lived free and equal, without serfdom. That people well find.

“In full pre-election period, there was a political disillusion. Cyril and I were talking a lot, then, on the re-engagement policy or the way back to a place of citizen that is a little more satisfying. We have done these discussions, the red thread of our history. The Middle Ages is a period in which inequalities are very striking, perfect to create a perfect policy is clear,” explained recently to the writer in Figaro , which was received by the authors in the framework of a decryption of a board by the draftsman.

Double page from “The golden Age”. Dupuis/ Cyril Pedrosa

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The competition was tough. The golden age has been selected when a commission is final, composed of journalists and booksellers, Fnac, among the five albums finalists, of which Me, what I love about it is the monsters Emil Ferris, Malaterre by Pierre-Henry Gomont as well as It must be easy to brick Ramirez of Nicolas Petrimaux, all three selected at the festival of Angoulême. Not to mention the superb Five branches of the cotton-black signed Yves Sente and Steve Cuzor.

“These five albums had been chosen by thirty members of a jury and public, of the twenty BD blows of heart the year of the booksellers Fnac. All of the jurors for the “general public”, selected following a call for application launched on France Inter , were read, evaluated, and recorded twenty comics to choose these finalists,” says a press release.

The album will be a beautiful development in all branches of Fnac and on in the framework of the Month of the COMIC, until 15 February. As for the winners, they will be received in the programs of France Inter and will have a broad promotional campaign.