“one of The characteristics of this selection 2018 is the place given to women in the different stories, all iconic, with strong personalities. These albums confirm a current trend in the comic strip. Done with a lushness that is quite unique, the album recipient fits in, with its female character, Tilda, in this sphere of influence. A success!”.It is in these terms that the president of the prix Landerneau BD 2018 André Juillard, has welcomed, in a press release, the lucky winner of the distinction award from the cultural spaces E. Leclerc.

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The album in question is The golden Age of the tandem Cyril Pedrosa and Roxanne Moreil: “We are very happy with it. There is not a lot of awards such as the Landerneau of the BD, which is also practical on the life of the book. The re-launch of a cycle, the book will be supported, which means new readers. It is a choice of booksellers, this is a chance to feel that they like your work and they want to support it, it is very nice. And then, it has been chosen, under the presidency of André Juillard,” said a delighted Cyril Pedrosa.

With his girlfriend Roxanne Moreil in the scenario, the author of Portugal has released the first part of a diptych called The golden Age . A mix between fable political and exciting adventure story which puts the spotlight on Tilda, princess taken advantage of and exiled to the death of his father, who will do everything to recover that which belongs to him of right.

Double page from “The golden Age”. Pedrosa/ Dupuis

in The course of his adventures, she discovers his subjects dying of hunger and decided to do battle with the nobility. The rebellion grows, nourished with the sound of a curious legend, that of the golden Age: an age lost where men lived free and equal, without serfdom. That people well find.

“In the midst of pre-electoral period, there was a political disillusion. Cyril and I were talking a lot, then, on the re-engagement policy or the way back to a place of citizen that is a little more satisfying. We have done these discussions, the red thread of our history. The Middle Ages is a period in which inequalities are very striking, perfect to create a perfect policy is clear,” explained recently to the writer in Figaro , which was received by the authors in the framework of a decryption of a board by the draftsman.

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The tandem succeeds Philippe Valette, to John Sweet, and the mystery of the floppy disk-soft . The golden Age has been chosen as one of ten selected albums. A list established by the president of the jury at the sides of Michel-Edouard Leclerc, and the ten booksellers BD. It is then submitted to a vote of all booksellers BD network, and the titles that won the most votes are decided during the deliberation by the final jury. The award is endowed with 6000 € and the book selected will benefit from a campaign of massive advertising, press, radio, and Internet, as well as a specific front in the Spaces Leclerc.