featuring the work of 25 artists (including Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, presented at MoMA in New York in 2016, and Mélanie Matranga, winner of the Frieze Artist Award 2014), The Weather Outside highlights the friponnerie and malice, qualities that one encounters in the satyrs of Greek and the Dwarf Tracassin of the brothers Grimm.

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“eros” on the thumbnail image of pearls by Raúl De Nieves has big ears, bad looks and crooked teeth. On the canvas, neo-expressionist Amelie von Wulffen, the children taste the alcohol in the middle of a small dark room full of insects. The installation with fragments of real pipes, by Mathis Altmann, is built around a small throne – latrines. Mathis Collins was carved in wood a goblin dressed in three-piece suit (it looks like a Wall Street banker), doing obscene inscriptions on a wall.

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Jill Mulleady portraiture is an elf languorous green-skinned, lying on the couch in a house in the forest. On the drawing, acrylic and Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, inspired by Foujita, two men half naked fighting on the dock desert of a channel. Sitting on a window sill, at the entrance of the gallery, a small apple porcelain observes all of this splendour with a smile wandering…

Pantheon of terror and eroticism, which blends skilfully the fairy tales and christmas traditions, this exhibition is eclectic, without a speech prepared, nor principle, conceptual, offers a beautiful entertainment before and after the celebratory meal for new year’s eve.

the exhibition “The Weather Outside” at the gallery Freedman Fitzpatrick (8, rue Saint Bon – 75004 Paris) is open from Wednesday to Saturday, 12h – 19h, until 12 January.