“It is thanks to sobriety and European solidarity that we will be able to avoid restrictive measures”, declared the Minister for Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher. “If the situation is serious, we have activated all the levers at our hand to prepare for winter,” she said in a statement.

The Defense Council brought together the ministers responsible for the energy dossier, at a time of the drying up of Russian gas flows and the severe unavailability of the French nuclear fleet.

“The Council more particularly examined relations with Germany and Spain, because you know that we have important exchanges of gas and electricity with these two countries, and we have concluded that this reciprocal solidarity will have to be reinforced from this winter”, indicated Ms. Pannier-Runacher.

“On electricity, 32 reactors are shut down, some for stress corrosion and others for routine maintenance. EDF is committed to restarting all the reactors this winter,” she said.

“We are monitoring the situation as closely as possible with weekly updates and we are particularly vigilant that this schedule is kept,” insisted the minister.