The government has allocated money for compensation for the loss of tourists

the Russian Government has allocated funds to support domestic tourism in Russia. About it as the correspondent “of Rosbalt” reported, speaking with a report in the state Duma, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

He reminded that earlier the government has already allocated to tour operators with subsidies of about 3.5 billion rubles.

“last week, the government decided to allocate an additional 15 billion roubles to the development of domestic tourism,” — said Mishustin.

According to him, the money will be spent on partial compensation of losses of tourists who decide to spend their holidays before the end of the current year in the Russian regions.

“the List (regions — approx. “Rosbalt”) has been compiled by the Federal tourism Agency, and the amount of refunds to tourists will be from 5 thousand to 15 thousand rubles, depending on the round,” — said Mishustin.

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